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Mantras – sacred sound of power

13 – 17 July

We warmly welcome you for a course that guides us how to use mantras as a tool to connect to inner peace, channel emotions, sooth the nervous system and benefit one’s overall psychological wellbeing. The benefits of the mental repetition and the chanting of mantras are immeasurable. Mantras open the heart, fill the mind with purity and generate harmony and divine love.

This course forms the natural continuation of the meditation and positive thinking courses. The course is recommended for those who have followed one of these courses, or have attended satsangs in any of the Sivananda Centres or Ashrams before.

Study books (not included): ‘The Sivananda Book of Meditation’ & ‘Meditation on OM and Mandukya Upanishad’ from Swami Sivananda

“A mantra is a mass of radiant energy.
It helps the spiritual power and reinforces it.
Every mantra has got tremendous force.”
-Swami Sivananda

Wednesday 13 July

3pmArrival for residential participants
4pmAsana class: The art of conscious relaxation
6pmVegetarian dinner
7.30pmSatsang: The music of silence

Thursday 14 July

6.30amSatsang: Yoga, choosing the positive path
8amAsana class: Dynamic forward bends
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
1.30pmWorkshop: The transformative power of sacred sounds
4.00pmAsana class: Fine tuning the asana variations
7.30pmSilent Walk

Friday 15 July

6.30amSatsang: a gateway to inner peace
8amAsana class: Asana class with extended pranayama practice
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
1.30pmWorkshop: Philosophy and Meditation on OM
4.00pmAsana class: Standing, balancing and triangle variations
7.30pmSatsang: Devotion, the sweetness of lif

Saturday 16 July

6.30amSilent Walk
8amAsana class: Breath awareness in the asanas
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
1.30pmWorkshop: Saguna mantras – devotional meditation and visualisation to open the heart
4.00pmAsana class: The meditative asana experience
7.30pmSatsang: Devotional chanting to open the hear

Sunday 17 July

6.30amSatsang: We are all One
8amAsana class
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
1.30pmWorkshop: Nirguna mantras – vedantic meditation to rise above ego consciousness and realise our true identity


Workshop only: £25

Residential programme
Dormitory (4 – 8 beds) £295
Double room £365
Single room £405

Full day programme*
non-residential Members: £53
Non-members: £61
Concession: £52

*The full day programme includes two asana classes, lunch, workshop and dinner


Swami Jyotirmayananda is the director of the Sivananda Yoga Centre in London. She is an inspired and experienced teacher.

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