Sadhana, deepening your daily yoga practice

23 - 27 November

Sadhana is a systematic daily practice of yoga. Yoga offers a complete system for physical, mental and spiritual well-being and teaches techniques to find increased health, well-being and inner peace.

Our yoga practice deepens through regularity and continuity. An unbroken yoga practice helps remove inner obstacles and gives us the fortitude to stay cool, calm and collected when confronted with the everyday challenges of modern life.

During this five day course, we will study and practice classical yoga techniques to strengthen and harmonize body and mind and to reconnect to the inner self. Revitalize your yoga practice and turn it into a practical, spiritual life-style.

Study books (not included): The course is based on the book ‘Sadhana ’ of Swami Sivananda, available in the boutique of the centre.

“Whatever spiritual practices you do, either Japa (the repitition of a mantra), the practice of asanas, meditation or pranayama, do it systematically and regularly every day. Sadhana is the real wealth. If you persist in your sadhana, if you are regular, systematic and punctual, you will attain success.”
Swami Sivananda

Wednesday 23 November

3pmArrival for residential participants
4pmGentle arrival class with focus on relaxation
6pmVegetarian dinner
7.30pmSatsang: Sadhana, a lifelong process

Thursday 24 November

6.30amSatsang: The power of hatha yoga
8amYoga class: Uniting ha (sun) and tha (moon
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
12.00pmVegetarian lunch
1.30pmWorkshop: Asanas, a gateway to meditation
4.00pmMeditative asana class with longer holding
6.00pmVegetarian Dinner
7.30pmSilent Walk

Friday 25 November

6.30amSatsang Prana and increasing the vibratory level
8amYoga class: The energy flow in asana
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
12.00pmVegetarian lunch
1.30pmWorkshop: Pranayama, revitalize your life energy
4.00pmYoga class: Sun salutation & extended pranayama practice
6.00pmVegetarian Dinner
7.30pmSatsang: Sattva, the energy of purity and balance

Saturday 26 November

6.30amSilent meditative early morning walk
8amLight breakfast
9amKarma yoga
10.30amYoga class with focus on the shoulderstand cycle
12.00pmVegetarian lunch
1.30pmWorkshop: The next step in your meditation practice
4.00pmYoga class: physical and mental stability in the asanas
6.00pmChanting satsang, experience the joy of kirtan
7.30pmVegetarian Dinner

Sunday 27 November

6.30amSatsang: Karma yoga, the yoga of selfless action
8amYoga class: prolonged holding of the postures
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga and packing
12.00pmVegetarian lunch
1.30pmWorkshop: How to channel emotions, sooth the nervous system and benit one’s overall psychological wellbeing through kirtan and mantra chanting


Workshop only: £25

Residential programme
Dormitory (4 – 8 beds) £325
Double room £400
Single room £445

Full day programme*
non-residential Members: £53
Non-members: £61
Concession: £52
Workshop only: £25

*The full day programme includes two asana classes, lunch, workshop and dinner


The workshop and satsangs will be given by Swami Jyotirmayananda, the director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in London. She is a natural teacher and shares the teachings of yoga with insight and devotion.

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