• Positive Thinking, Living with joy, with Swami Kailasananda and Swami Jyotirmayananda

Positive Thinking, Living life with joy

3 - 7 May

With our thoughts we hold in our hands the most powerful tools of self transformation. Thoughts are the source of all our actions, they are the silent bricks that build our lives

We carry the responsibility for the quality of our thoughts, for the way we develop our thoughts and so choose the direction in which our life will go. We come to realise that we are the authors of our own life.

Thought is the most creative power in the universe and when the potential contained in the thought is realised, it is the beginning of great spiritual growth.


Wednesday 3 May

4pmAsana class: Deepening the relaxation experience
6pmVegetarian Dinner
7.30pmSatsang: Devotion, the sweetness of life


Thursday 4 May

6.30amSatsang: The art of simplicity
8.15amAsana class: The strength of the twelve basic postures
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
12.00pmVegetarian lunch
1.30pmWorkshop: What is a thought, how are habitual thought patterns formed?
4.00pmAsana class: Dynamic forward bends
7.30pmSilent meditative walk


Friday 5 May

6.30amSatsang: Pranayama, renew your life energy
8.15amClass with prolonged pranayama practice
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
12.00pmVegetarian lunch
1.30pmWorkshop: Transforming negative thoughts and emotions
4.00pmAsana class: Variations in the shoulderstand cycle
7.30pmGanesha puja


Saturday 6 May

6.30amSilent meditative walk
8.15amLight breakfast
9amKarma yoga
10.30amAsana class: Stimulating the solar plexus with asanas
12.00pmVegetarian lunch
1.30pmCreative visualisation: Yogic techniques to focus on the positive and to kindle creativity
4.00pmAsana class: Meditative asana class
6.00pmSatsang: Swami Sivananda, his vision for the world


Sunday 7 May

6.30amSatsang: Conscience, the light of the soul
8.15amAsana class: Beyond physical relaxation
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga and packing
12.00pmVegetarian lunch
1.30pmWorkshop: Relaxation, the master key to regaining positivity & inner serenity



Workshop only: £25
Residential course
Dormitory (4 – 8 beds) £340



The workshop and satsangs will be given by Swami Kailasananda, Yoga Acharya and Swami Jyotirmayananda, the director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in London.


Course venue

The course will be held in the Sivananda Centre in London – a spiritual oasis amid the pressures of city life. Situated in a quiet residential area, the centre’s welcoming reception area, spacious studios and beautiful peace garden provide an ideal setting for practising yoga, meditation and relaxation. You are welcome to stay in the centre for the length of the course, accommodation will be in a shared room. It is also possible to attend individual workshops, classes and satsangs in case you are unable to participate in the full course.

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