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28 September - 2nd October

The science of Raja Yoga explains the subtle functioning of the mind: its different levels, how habits are formed, how pain is generated and how one can free oneself from mental suffering. It teaches us how to focus the mind and realise our true nature which is beyond mental conditioning. It makes us aware that our true self is pure bliss and absolute peace. It gives a wonderful message of hope and encouragement and inspires us to rise beyond the habitual states of depression, excitement and fear and find the centre within where we are not shaken by the changes that challenge us in our lives.

Study books (not included): ‘The course is based on the scripture ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’, available in the boutique of the centre.

“There is something beyond the mind and that is the Self, consciousness. We must not only have a thorough knowledge of the Western science of psychology, but also combine it with Raja Yoga.” Swami Sivananda

Wednesday 28 September

3pmArrival for residential participants
4pmAsana class: Breath Awareness in the Asanas
6pmVegetarian dinner
7.30pmSatsang: Yoga, The Middle Path

Thursday 29 September

6.30amSatsang: The Power of Prayer
8amAsana class: Stimulating the solar plexus
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
1.30pmWorkshop: Introduction to the science of Raja Yoga, the royal of mind control
4.00pmAsana class: Dynamic backward bends
7.30pmSilent Walk

Friday 30 September

6.30amSatsang: Silence
8amAsana class: Meditative Yoga Class
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
1.30pmWorkshop: The 5 states of Mind, understanding the process of concentration
4.00pmAsana class: Standing, Shoulderstand variations
7.30pmSatsang: Developing deep concentration with Likitha Japa

Saturday 1st October

6.30amSilent Walk and light breakfast in nature
8amAsana class: Physical and mental stability in the asanas
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
1.30pmWorkshop: How to deal with the kleshas, the underlying causes of mental pain
4.00pmAsana class: Flexion, extension and rotation along the spine
7.30pmSatsang: Yamas and niyas, ethical foundations for living peacefully with oneself and others

Sunday 2 October

6.30amSatsang: Unity in Diversity
8amAsana class: Prolonged holding of the Postures
10amLight breakfast
10.45amKarma yoga
1.30pmWorkshop: The evolution of the mind: the subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind


Workshop only: £25

Residential programme
Dormitory (4 – 8 beds) £295
Double room £365
Single room £405

Full day programme*
non-residential Members: £53
Non-members: £61
Concession: £52
Workshop only: £25

*The full day programme includes two asana classes, lunch, workshop and dinner


Swami Jyotirmayananda is the director of the Sivananda Yoga Centre in London. She is an inspired and experienced teacher.

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