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Sivananda Yoga Spring Festival

With New Sivananda Publications


Hatha Yoga – Inspirations from a Master.
Lectures by Swami Vishnudevananda

The lectures which are presented in this book are focusing on Hatha Yoga in its larger context. The recordings were taken in many countries, in public halls, during group meditations, in Teachers’ Training Courses and symposiums.

Available in the Centre’s boutique

Three asana classes of the festival will present some of the teachings of this inspiring book, both in practice and with a short reading at the end of the class

Friday 26 April
5:00–6.30pm Asana class “The higher effects of asanas”

Saturday 27 April
4:00–5.30pm Asana class “Three levels of breath control”

Sunday 28 April
4:00–5.30pm Asana class “The experience of Inner Silence”

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The Sivananda Asana Adjustment Manual

Clear visual and written guidance for

  • Typical beginners’ mistakes
  • Typical beginners’ limitations
  • Preparatory variations or exercises
  • How to advance in the basic posture
  • Advanced variations to improve the basic posture

Available at the Centre’s reception, only for Sivananda Yoga Teachers

The Teachers’ Workshops during the festival will be based on this new manual:

Saturday 27 April
10:30am–12:00pm Asana Correction Workshop for Yoga Teachers
“Sun Salute & Shoulderstand Cycle”

Sunday 28 April
10:30am–12:00pm Asana Correction Workshop for Yoga Teachers
“Headstand & Forward bend”

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