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We are what we eat

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Our food connects us to the earth, to life and to each other.

The yogic tradition advocates a vegetarian diet. Predominantly plant-based, this diet ensures that our food gets its energy directly from the sun – the source of all life.

The yogic diet is based on fresh, light, nutritional food bringing harmony and vitality to both body and mind. Pure ingredients such as grains, vegetables, pulses, fruits and nuts produce an abundance of energy. They also leave a positive imprint on the mind, nourish our thought processes and shape our emotions.

The vegetarian cuisine is fascinating; so full of flavour, colour and creativity. Yes, it is as tasty as it looks! And besides the joy of eating fresh, flavoursome dishes, following a well-balanced vegetarian diet will support you in your practice of yoga and meditation.

  • "Live only to be
    a blessing to others."

    - Swami Sivananda