• 1st of May weekend 2020

    Online yoga retreat

Easter retreat 2020

Rejuvenate at home with yoga, meditation and ayurveda

Friday April 10 (3pm) – Monday April 13 (3pm)

With the Acharyas, Swamis and teachers of the European Sivananda Centres
Guest speakers : S.K. Kamlesh (ayurveda acharya) and Cordula Interthal (Chandrika), ayurdeva therapist
Free admission for all. Invite your family and friends

Join us for the first ever Sivananda Easter Yoga retreat on line!
The swamis and teachers from all the Sivananda Centres in Europe will put their energy together to offer you a 3 day programme filled with prana, inspiration and joy

This retreat is an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice, learn new aspects of yoga and unite with many yoga practioners all over the world.
At this time of confinement, feeling united through our yoga practice brings relief, joy and hope.
We look forward to spending these 3 days with you.

The detailed schedule will be available shortly under www.sivananda.at and www.sivanandaorleans.org

Easter Retreat from Home


You can connect to all activities through zoom. Links will be published in advance, so that you can get connected.

The schedule follows as much as possible the timetable of an actual Sivananda Yoga Retreat.

We will have Satsang in the morning and evening, Asanas & Pranayama in the morning and afternoon and a lecture or workshop in the early afternoon.

The Asana classes will be taught in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) with different topics and levels

We would like to invite you to take advantage of the truly international spirit of this retreat and try out various languages and topics. The practical workshop, Satsangs and lectures will be taught in English with simultaneous translation via zoom.

If you would like to get inspired for your Easter meals, you can download here a collection of recipes. However please consider well if it is worthwhile taking the hygiene risk to go out for additional shopping.

The satsangs and Asana classes will be taught by the Swamis and senior teachers of the European Sivananda Centres. The afternoon lectures will focus on the topic of Ayurveda and Health and will be taught by guest teachers.

Download recipes

Simple Tofu and Vegetable stir-fry noodles

Simple Vegetable & Potato Soup

Simple Lemon dressing for green salad

Guest Teachers


Ayurveda and Stress Management

with Chandrika Cordula Interthal

As one of the most important spiritual and healing traditions of the world, Ayurveda and Yoga provide a step-by-step guide to complete peace, health and harmony – a balance of the mind and the heart – opening up the deeper potential of human awareness.

Our modern lifestyle is one of the main causes of stress and how stress affects us. Ayurveda teaches us how a healthy, balanced life is the foundation for vitality and a healthy immune system. Knowing how to balance stress, recharge energy and get good sleep gives us the resources to change our lives step by step.

Lecture Topics

  • A healthy immune system with Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda and stress management
  • Speaker: Chandrika Cordula Interthal is an obstetrician and gynaecologist, Ayurvedic therapist and teaches yoga at the Sivananda Yoga centres. She is co-author of the new Sivananda Ayurveda book Practical Ayurveda.

    The ayurvedic science of nutrition

    with Shanti Kumar Kamlesh

    Ayurvedic nutrition offers a delicious and healthy alternative to conventional food choices as it considers food to be both nourishment as well as medicine. S.K. Kamlesh will present the dietary principles of Ayurveda and give a cooking demonstration of two easy-to-cook ayurvedic recipes.

    Speaker: Shanti Kumar Kamlesh is an Ayurveda Acharya. He comes from a traditional ayurvedic family and has been teaching Ayurveda nutrition around the world for over 30 years. His style of teaching is very spontaneous and enthusiastic. S.K. Kamlesh has been teaching hands on Ayurveda nutrition in the European Sivananda Yoga Centres for over 20 years.

    Daily programme

    Friday 10 April - Monday 13 April (Central European times)

    Friday 10 April

    4 – 5.45pm    Asanas and Pranayama Workshop: “Deep relaxation for body and mind” with Swami Ramapriyananda

    5.45 – 8pm    Dinner and rest

    8pm  Welcome Satsang with Swami Sivadasananda

    Saturday 11 April

    6.30 – 7.45am    Satsang “Raising the energy level with yoga” with Swami Ramapriyananda

    8.00 -9.45am    Asanas and Pranayama:

  • Focus on Pranayama: Italian
  • Intermediate “Asanas for hips and shoulders”: English
  • Intermediate “Combining posture, breathing and relaxation”: Spanish
  • Gentle “Opening the Body with progressive stretching”: German
  • Advanced “Forward bends – stretching from the toes to the neck”: French
  • 9.45 – 1.30pm  Brunch and rest
    1.30 – 2.30pm    Ayurveda lecture with Chandrika: “A healthy immune system through Ayurveda”

    2.30 – 4pm    Break

    4 – 5.45pm  Asanas and Pranayama Workshop: “How to build up your vital energy” with Swami Sivadasananda and Swami Narayanananda

    5.45 – 8pm    Dinner and rest

    8pm  Satsang “The meditation experience – surrendering to the Self” with Swami

    Sunday 12 April

    6.30 – 7.45am    Satsang “you are the Master of your destiny” with Swami Bhagavatananda
    8.00 -9.45am    Asanas and Pranayama Workshop: “Developing concentration and will power” with Swami Nityananda and Kailas
    9.45 – 1.30pm  Brunch and rest
    1.30 – 2.30pm    The ayurvedic science of nutrition with Shanti Kumar Kamlesh: introduction into the dietary principles of Ayurveda and a practical description on how to prepare two easy recipes: Kicheri and Rice Pulau

    2.30 – 4pm    Break

    4 – 5.45pm  Asanas and Pranayama:

  • Advanced “Standing poses and triangle variations”: English
  • Intermediate “Gentle backbends”: Spanish
  • Gentle “Balancing muscle length & muscle strength”: German
  • Intermediate “Asymmetrical variations and spinal twist”: French
  • Intermediate” Standing Variations”: Italian
  • 5.45 – 8pm Dinner and rest
  • 5.45 – 8pm    Dinner and rest

    8pm  Satsang “The power of kirtan to soothe the mind” with Swami

    Easter Monday April 13

    6.30 – 7.45am    Satsang “the power of prayer” with Swami Rajeshvarananda, with Easter chants
    8.00 -9.45am    Asanas and Pranayama:

  • Intermediate “Cobra, locust and bow variations”: English
  • Intermediate “Shoulderstand, plough and fish variations”: Spanish
  • Advanced “Meditative Holding of the Asanas”: German
  • Gentle “The Power of Autosuggestion in asana and relaxation”: French
  • Gentle “Breathing and Concentration in the postures”: Italian
  • 9.45 – 1.30pm  Brunch and rest
    1.30 – 2.45pm    Ayurveda lecture with Chandrika: “Stress management with Ayurveda”

    2.45 – 3.15pm    Final message: “Yoga for peace” and conclusion of the Easter Retreat with Swami Vidyananda

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