Sadhana, deepening your daily yoga practice

Certificate Course 24 – 27 May 2024

Revitalize your yoga practice and turn it into a spiritual life-style
With Swami Jyotirmayananda

“Whatever spiritual practices you do, either Japa (the repitition of a mantra), the practice of asanas, meditation or pranayama, do it systematically and regularly every day. Sadhana is the real wealth. If you persist in your sadhana, if you are regular, systematic and punctual, you will attain success.” ~ Swami Sivananda


Sadhana is a systematic daily practice of yoga. Yoga offers a complete system for physical, mental and spiritual well-being and teaches techniques to find increased health, well-being and inner peace.

Our yoga practice deepens through regularity and continuity. An unbroken yoga practice helps remove inner obstacles and gives us the fortitude to stay cool, calm and collected when confronted with the everyday challenges of modern life.

We will study and practice classical yoga techniques to strengthen and harmonize body and mind and to reconnect to the inner self.

Daily schedule Bank Holiday Weekend

Friday 24 May

4:00 pmGentle arrival class with focus on relaxation
6:00 pmVegetarian Dinner
7:30 pmSatsang: Sadhana, a lifelong process


Saturday 25 May

6:30 amSatsang: The power of Hatha Yoga
8:15 amYoga class with focus on shoulderstand cycle
9:45 amLight breakfast
11:00 amKarma yoga
12:00 pmVegetarian lunch
1:30 pmWorkshop: Asanas, a gateway to meditation
4:00 pmMeditative asana and pranayama class
6:00 pmSatsang with demonstration of classical asanas
7:30 pmVegetarian dinner


Sunday 26 May

6:30 amSilent meditative early morning walk
8:15 amAsana class: The energy flow in asanas
9:45 amLight breakfast
11:00 amKarma yoga
12:00 pmVegetarian lunch
1:30 pmWorkshop: Pranayama, revitalize your life energy
4:00 pmYoga class with extended pranayama practice
6:00 pmSatsang: Open your heart with beautiful Sunday prayers
7:30 pmVegetarian dinner


Monday 27 May

6:30 amSatsang: Karma yoga, the path of selfless action
8:15 amYoga class: Silencing the mind through asanas
9:45 amLight breakfast
11:00 amKarma yoga and packing
12:00 pmVegetarian lunch
1:30 pmWorkshop: The next step in your meditation practice


Study book

The course is based on the book Sadhana of Swami Sivananda, available in the boutique of the centre.

Participation for the Residential Course

Shared room£295
Double room£355
Single room£415



Swami Jyotirmayananda | Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre| Yoga | England

Swami Jyotirmayananda

The workshop and satsangs will be given by Swami Jyotirmayananda, the director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in London. She is a natural teacher and shares the teachings of yoga with insight and devotion.


Arrival and departure

The retreat starts with the class at 4pm on Friday 24 May and ends around 3:30 pm at the end of the workshop on Monday 27 May 2024.


Course venue

The course will be held in the Sivananda Centre in London – a spiritual oasis amid the pressures of city life. Situated in a quiet residential area, the centre’s welcoming reception area, spacious studios and beautiful peace garden provide an ideal setting for practising yoga, meditation and relaxation. You are welcome to stay in the centre for the length of the course, accommodation will be in a shared room. It is also possible to attend individual workshops, classes and satsangs in case you are unable to participate in the full course.

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