Guidelines for visiting the Centre

Asana lessons 

  • The distance between 2 yoga mats is 2m
  • At the moment we can teach in the hall upstairs and downstairs. Due to the social distancing rules, approximately 10 people can be taught in each hall at any time
  • Registration is necessary for all yoga classes​ and workshops. Registration is possible on the website​ or through your personal account in MindBody. If something does not work, please call 02087 800 160. If the lesson is fully booked, call one hour before the start to see if a place is available
  • The changing rooms remain closed, please come to the Yoga Centre ​in the clothes you intend to wear for the class. One guest toilet is available
  • So far, the centre has provided yoga mats, blankets and cushions. Unfortunately this is no longer possible. Please bring your own equipment (yoga mat, cushion, blanket) for the class. We are currently unable to provide any equipment
  • The lockers are unavailable to use at this time. Please leave any valuables at home for your peace of mind
  • Please wear a mask and respect the 2m distancing from the time you enter the Centre until you have settled onto your own yoga mat in the classroom. ​However, the mask can be ​removed during the yoga class. Please also wear the mask and respect the 2m distancing after your class
  • The yoga teachers can only give verbal corrections, but no physical corrections
  • The kapalabhati breathing exercise is not practised. If practicing the headstand, it will be on your own risk, as no physical support is possible
  • The yoga room is systematically ventilated. Please bring warm clothing
  • In case of coughing or sneezing, please leave the classroom and follow the now commonly known coughing and sneezing etiquette procedures
  • There are hand sanitiser dispensers ​located at the reception, changing room area and in front of the yoga asana hall


General information

  • A protective plexiglass barrier has been installed at the reception desk
  • Upon entering ​the Centre we will ask you to enter your name, phone number and e-mail address into our track-and-trace book , as well as using the hand sanitiser dispensers provided
  • Physical distancing measures of 2m have been put in place
  • There ​will be no tea, water or the like available at the Yoga Centre
  • Please do not come to the Centre in the following instances:
  • if you have had contact with COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days
  • when you experience normal cold symptoms
  • when you experience unspecific ​disease symptoms and respiratory symptoms of any severity
  • When using the toilet facilities, please make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap under running water
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection have been put in place for peace of mind


By being attentive together, we can ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the Centre.