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Beginners yoga courses

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Beginners Yoga: Level 1


This is the place to start and is perfect for complete beginners or people who have only practiced yoga occasionally. You will gradually be introduced to the basic postures for developing strength and flexibility, breathing exercises for increasing your energy and focus and relaxation techniques for body, mind and spirit. Feelings of calmness and well-being can already be experienced after the first class. The course includes an introduction to the yogic diet and its health benefits.

Beginners Yoga: Level 2

Level 1 – Level 4 Yoga Courses
1 Course Rate:
Member: £35 Non-member: £48Concessions: £33
2 Course Rate:
Member: £62 Non-member: £87 Concessions: £58


This is the natural follow-up to Level 1. This course focusses on further practice of the basic postures, simple variations and the first preparations for the headstand. You will work on deepening the breath through new breathing techniques and learn a simple meditation technique to still the mind. This course is also ideal for those getting back into the practice after a lapse or simply wanting to revisit the basics.

Level 1 and 2 Weekend Intensive

Weekend Yoga Courses
1 Weekend Course:
Member: £62 Non-member: £88Concessions: £75
2 Weekend Course:
Member: £110 Non-member: £157 Concessions: £134


This two-day weekend intensive provides a complete experience of the yoga lifestyle. Gentle yoga classes, nutritious vegetarian meals and walks along the Thames make this a mini-retreat in the heart of London.

  • "Inspiration is spiritual inexhaustible wealth.
    It gives joy, peace, and bliss eternal."

    - Swami Sivananda