• London Study Retreat

    Beginners Yoga Weekend – Level 1

    27-29 September 2024

Beginners Yoga Weekend Retreat – Level 1

27 – 29 September 2024


New to yoga and curious to discover its benefits? Join us for a Beginners Yoga Weekend Retreat from 27 – 29 September. This weekend retreat provides a complete experience of the yoga lifestyle. Gentle yoga classes, nutritious vegetarian meals and a walk along the Thames make this a mini-retreat in the heart of London.

Over the weekend, you will gradually work on developing strength, flexibility, proper breathing, concentration and relaxation. Feelings of calm and well-being can already be experienced after the first class. The course includes an introduction to the yogic diet and its health benefits.


Daily programme

Friday 27 September
4:00 pmGentle yoga class
5:30 pmVegetarian dinner
8:00 pmSilent meditation, mantra chanting and talk: Yoga – choosing the positive path
Saturday 28 September
6:30 amSilent meditation, mantra chanting and talk: Prana, the energy model of yoga
8:15 amGentle yoga class
9:45 amLight breakfast
11:30 amKarma yoga
12:30 pmVegetarian lunch
2:00 pmTalk: Yoga – an ancient guide to healthy living
3:00 pmRest
4:00 pmGentle yoga class
6:00 pmGroup meditation, chanting, talk: Calming the mind, connecting to inner peace
7:30 pmVegetarian dinner
Sunday 29 September
6:30 amSilent meditative walk along the Thames
8:15 amGentle yoga class
9:45 amLight breakfast
11:30 amKarma yoga and packing
12:30 pmVegetarian lunch
2:00 pmTalk: Incorporating yoga into your daily life


You are welcome to stay in the centre for the length of the course, accommodation will be in a shared, double or single room. It is also possible to join the retreat during the day and return home in the evening, the retreat is open to non-residents.


Residential course
Shared room£195
Double room£235
Single room£275
Non-residential course


Arrival and departure

Arrival: around 3pm on Friday 27 September for the first beginners class that starts at 4pm
Departure: around 3pm on Sunday 29 September at the end of the talk


Course venue

The course will be held in the Sivananda Centre in London – a spiritual oasis amid the pressures of city life. Situated in a quiet residential area, the centre’s welcoming reception area, spacious studios and beautiful peace garden provide an ideal setting for practising yoga, meditation and relaxation.

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